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Choose classes from our two Saturday sessions. 

Class sessions are run by experts - Therapists, Mental Health Clinicians, Non-Profit Leaders, PHD's, Professors, Ministry Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Single Professionals.  
Some classes are 2-part (indicated by "pt. 1 & pt. 2" in the title). Pt. 2 descriptions are listed in "Session 2". All other classes will share the same content in both sessions.
All classes will be audio recorded and made available after the conference. 
Class materials provided through google drive, and will be distributed via QR codes onsite.


Main Stage Sessions Will Take Place Thursday (Worship Night), Friday Night, Saturday & Sunday Morning In The California Ballroom

Each Main Stage Session will be live-streamed to a sensory sensitive room at the conference in the Pacific Ballroom (Capacity 500). This is a great option for those wanting the conference experience with a smaller crowd.

Session 1

Session 2

Embracing The Image Of God in Adam - Men's Class (Pacific Ballroom) 

-God's role for men is unique and necessary: Ownership, partnership, and tending to the work God gives us

Embracing The Image Of God In Eve - Woman's Class (California Ballroom) 

What if we've understood being a "helper" all wrong? Why does humanity need woman to live into God's design? 

Authorized: “Using your God-given gifts” - Pt. 1 (Santa Monica Classroom) 

Creatives In The Church - Everyone has a gift to give and a role to play. How do we make room for the creative to add to the flourishing of our congregations? How do we find room to deliberately give without a designated "role"?  

"Community" Discernment & Discernment - Pt. 1 (San Clemente Classroom) 

Making decisions for your ministry WITH your ministry. Discovering the calling of God, and being led by the Spirit, as a community.

I Don’t Wanna Be Here… (Oceanside Classroom) 

Exploring ways we can remain emotionally and spiritually healthy when we find ourselves in unwanted seasons of life and faith. 

Equipped With The Spirit - Pt. 1 (Huntington Classroom) 

What does is the gift of the Spirit in our lives? How does our relationship with the Spirit work, really?  

Deeper Discovery of The Bible (Malibu Classroom) 

Getting More From The Text. Discovering meaningful, and equipping, ways to learn from scripture. 

Vocation as Mission (Carmel Classroom) 

What does it mean to have a calling in your life? How does that effect your career path? 

Embracing Interruption As An Invitation (El Capitan Classroom) 

Equip yourself with practical tools to embrace life's interruptions as divine invitations from God, and discover how to live triumphantly in step with the Holy Spirit in any season .

Dating “Unboxed" (Palos Verde Classroom) 

Can we figure this out? Exploring ways to discover, and re-imagine, the dating culture in your local ministry. 

Transgressing The Boundaries (San Simeon Classroom) 

Exploring our self-imposed limitations on partnering with God. (I.E. bridging our partnerships between those inside/outside the church) 

Discipleship In Emotional Health (Avila Classroom) 

Exploring how the way of Jesus equips us to heal, grow, and thrive in our emotional health.

Finding Your Space (Salinas Classroom) 

Discovering & defining your role and giftedness with God

Partnering With Your Ministry Staff (Manhattan Classroom) 

Developing partners and advocates with your local staff,  and making space to influence the work of the Church with your giftedness/passions. 

Increasing Your Emotional EQ (Capistrano Classroom) 

Practicals on how to be more self aware so you can overcome social barriers and foster meaningful connections (and help others to do so also!). 

Equipped For Romance (Laguna Classroom) 

What to look for in yourself and others, and why it matters you pay attention. 

Wisdom That Gives (Carmel Classroom) 

Older men and woman have an important role in training and equipping the next generation. Get equipped to help

Equipped Parents (Redondo Classroom) 

Gain some practical tools and encouragement from those in the "field" of single parenting!

Equipped to Make Disciples (Palisades Classroom) 

As the landscape of our world changes, how do we continue to teach others about the way of Jesus? 

Reimagining Effective Community Engagement Pt. 1 - HOPE Worldwide. (Monterrey Classroom) 

Exploring ways to respectfully partner with our neighbors who are in need of community support.

Authorized: “Using your God-given gifts” - Pt. 2 (Santa Monica Classroom

Adaptation Required. We won't go new places with God through outdated approaches. How to work with what you have and not give into the myths a perfect scenario/resources. 

"Community" Discernment & Delegation - Pt. 2 (San Clemente Classroom) 

Making decisions for your ministry WITH your ministry. Delegation and partnership in moving forward with your ministries calling. 

Equipped With The Spirit - Pt. 2 (Huntington Classroom) 

What are some practical, and transformative, ways we can engage the Holy Spirit? Exploring Spiritual Disciplines. 

Reimagining Effective Community Engagement Pt. 2 - HOPE Worldwide. (Monterrey Classroom) 

Seeing our shared humanity in others, to faithfully partner with God in his work.

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